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    Alligator Oil Benefits

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    Alligator Oil Benefits

    Alligator Oil Benefits

    Alligator Oil has some amazing benefits for your skin. Yes, you read that right. Alligator oil can be used for skin-healing. As weird or scary as it sounds but Alligator oil can be your natural remedy for dry skin, nails, and Hair.


    What is Alligator Oil?

    Alligator Oil is extracted from the fatty tissues of Alligators, in fact for centuries crocodile and Alligator oil has been used by traditional practitioners across the globe, including Chinese Traditional Medicine, Southeast Asia, Ancient Egypt. The oil is packed with lots of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are used as an ointment to treat skin diseases, enhance skin structure, and also collage disposition. It also contains more “solidifiable fats” than any fish oil. Which is good if you are looking for alternatives to your fish oils.


    Why switching to Alligator oil good?

    Aside from being a natural remedy, Alligator oil is now one of the new trends in the skincare world! It is packed with fatty acids, like omega 3, 6, and 9, which are anti-inflammatory i.e. will lessen the appearance of redness for sensitive skin. If you have a problem with baldness, well worry no more! Alligator oil works like magic, it has oleic acid which is responsible for cell regeneration. Problem with scars? Well. Alligator oil is also known for its ability to repair scars and lessen the dark circles under your eyes.

    So, why be doubtful? Try some products that contain Alligator oil and you will be surprised by the results. Shal Radiance has Eye Cream that contains Alligator oil, just visit this link.