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    The Best Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Aging Cream

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    The Best Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Aging Cream

    Snail Face Cream With Hyaluronic Acid - Anti-Wrinkle Snail Cream Anti-aging Face Product. 

    Know the benefits of Snail Mucus on your skin.

     Snail cream

    Why use Snail Mucus?

    Snail mucus has complex chemicals that is beneficial to the skin and is widely used to be beneficial in skin care products. Out of the ingredients with the most cited benefits appear to be allantoin (scar reducing ability), glycolic acid (chemical exfoliant), and hyaluronic acid (regulate skin hydration level). In addition, snail mucin contains natural antibacterial which provide a wide range of benefits for the skin.

    Snail mucin is good at healing acne and acne scarring, deep cleanses the skin without any abrasions, good for exfoliating the skin which removes the dead-skin cells making way of new and fresh cells.

    It is also anti-wrinkle (how good is that?). Snail mucin contains anti-aging properties. Makes your skin plumper and very hydrated than before (feels icky but it’ll be worth it). Hyaluronic acid does the job, it is the anti-aging chemical that is present in the Snail mucin, it is responsible for collagen and elastin production of the skin that makes your skin look firmer and youthful (Wait... youthful skin from snails?? ).


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    What is Snail Mucus/mucin?

    Snail mucin (aka snail secretion filtrate or “snail slime”) has become a popular ingredient in Korean skincare due to its versatility in treating many skin concerns and its suitability for all skin types. It has regenerative effects due to the chemicals present. These are allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and natural antibacterial. Which is can help exfoliate and deep-cleansing for the skin (chemical exfoliator is better than using physical exfoliator).


    How is it extracted?

    There are NO animals harmed during the extraction process. The snails used are lab-grown, the extractions were less cruel than before. The snails were living in an optimal and comfortable environment that allows them to have a good and adequate rest to optimize their filtrate extraction. NO STRESS was applied to the snails during the process as optimal mucin production occurs when the snails are in a relaxed state.



    Based on some research snail mucus has a lot of benefits for the skin that includes:

    • Improving wound healing
    • Preventing scarring
    • Reducing existing scarring
    • Reducing premature aging due to UV exposure (photoaging)
    • Improving collagen production
    • Improving skin hydration
    • Increasing skin cell turnover
    • Reducing pigmentation
    • Preventing the growth of bacteria
    • Improving skin texture

    This means that snail mucin may be an effective treatment for

    • Poorly healing wounds
    • Unsightly scars
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Dehydrated and dry skin
    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma
    • Post-inflammatory erythema
    • Acne
    • Enlarged pores

    So if you want to have a firm and younger-looking skin, Shal Radiance has one of the best products for it.

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