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    Snail Cream Benefits For Skin

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    Snail Cream Benefits For Skin

    Snail Cream Benefits For Skin

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    The History of Snail Mucin

    The medicinal use of snail mucin dates back to Ancient Greece where Hippocrates (the ‘father of medicine’) recommended the use of crushed snails to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

    Fast forward a millennium, and a few thousand miles away from Ancient Greece, Chilean snail farmers were experiencing soft and smooth hands after regularly handling snails for the French food market. Not only were their hands smoother and softer, but any wounds or grazes appeared to heal faster with no scarring . This led to the first snail mucin-based skincare brand.

    A further healing observation was made by a Spanish oncologist, Dr. Rafael Abad, who was treating snails with radiation therapy and noticed that they were producing a different type of secretion under this stress that helped their wounds to heal. When this secretion was applied to the radiation burns of human subjects, a similar would healing response was observed.

    In fact, snail mucin has been successfully used for over 15 years to treat radiation dermatitis. Dr. Abad also recommended, in his 1996 patent, that snail mucin could be successfully used to treat radiation dermatitis, all types of burns (including radiation, chemical, and thermal burns), slow healing wounds and ulcers, and to prevent UV radiation-induced skin cancer . He also suggests that snail mucin would be beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks.

    It is no surprise then that snail mucin can be found in a number of cosmetic products nowadays and offers a wide variety of skin benefits. So what are the benefits of snail mucin in skin care? Let’s have a look at what scientific studies are available to answer this question. At Shal Radiance You Can Find A Great Snail Cream Product

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    What Are The Benefits Of Snail Mucin In Skin Care?

    As previously mentioned, snail mucin is an animal-derived growth factor and high-molecular-weight peptide . It also contains a number of ingredients that are known to be beneficial to the skin, such as allantoin, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

    As there aren’t a huge number of research studies that specifically investigate the skin benefits of snail mucin outside of its medical applications, let’s first look at why snail mucin should provide skin benefits in theory.


    Snail Mucin As A Growth Factor/ HMW Peptide

    Growth factors are peptides that act as chemical messengers to regulate various cell processes, including proliferation and formation of the extracellular matrix. This means they are essential in wound healing and tissue repair processes. Topically applied growth factors have demonstrated effectiveness at enhancing wound healing and stimulating the production of collagen.

    However, growth factors have a large molecular weight which makes it difficult for them to penetrate the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the skin) barrier. It is hypothesized that topical growth factors enter the dermis by penetrating the hair follicles rather than the stratum corneum. Once they have entered the dermis they can then signal the production of endogenous growth factors.

    As mentioned earlier, snail mucin is made up of different secretions. The secretion from the salivary gland has an exfoliating and penetrative effect. This may mean that the growth factors found in snail mucin are more readily absorbed due to this penetration enhancement.

    The Benefits of Snail Mucin In Theory

    The fact that snail mucin is a growth factor that contains allantoin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and antibacterial agents means that it may possess a number of skin benefits in theory.

    Based on this research, some of the ways in which snail mucin may benefit the skin include:

    • Improving wound healing
    • Preventing scarring
    • Reducing existing scarring
    • Reducing premature aging due to UV exposure (photoaging)
    • Improving collagen production
    • Improving skin hydration
    • Increasing skin cell turnover
    • Reducing pigmentation
    • Preventing the growth of bacteria
    • Improving skin texture

    This means that snail mucin may be an effective treatment for

    • Poorly healing wounds
    • Unsightly scars
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Dehydrated and dry skin
    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma
    • Post-inflammatory erythema
    • Acne
    • Enlarged pores

    However, the actual research regarding snail mucin is a lot more limited. In fact, one recent study even suggests that the levels of allantoin and glycolic acid found in snail mucin are a lot lower than previously thought

    What are the benefits of using snail cream?

    Snail slime or more specifically snail cream would be the last thing you would want to cover your face with. It sounds gross, right? But the truth is, in our quest for beauty, we have tried pigeon poo and bee sting facials, so why not give the snail cream a shot?. Made from actual snail mucus, the snail cream has revolutionised skin care cosmetics. Let’s take a look at what it is and the benefits it has so far bestowed upon us.

    A Little About Snail Cream

    Snail cream is produced from the mucus or fluid that snails excrete. This mucus helps snails in gliding and climbing and protects them from cuts, bacteria and ultraviolet rays. Some of the ingredients include elastin, proteins, and copper peptides which are known to enhance beauty. The use of snail mucus for skin care is not new. The ancient Greeks are known to have used snail slime for healing purposes. More recently some farmers in Chile, while handling the snails, found that their skins got smoother and softer.

    Benefits of Snail Cream

    Snail slime cream has many medical advantages. Several scientific experiments have proven its effectiveness in skin care. Here are some proven benefits of snail cream:

    Heals Burns

    Snail mucus contains helix aspersa which is known to treat skin burns. Plenty of studies have found positive effects of snail mucus. In a controlled group experiment, it was found that snail cream had a tremendous effect on healing burns of the patients. It was proved to be a safe alternative for burn ointment.

    Reduces Pain

    Snail slime can also be used as topical anaesthetic. A study conducted by D. Tsoutsos found that not only do the burns heal quicker and faster, the pain was also considerably reduced. This is certainly an extraordinary remedy for reducing pain caused by burns.

    Anti-aging Effects

    The proteins in snail slime have anti-aging benefits. In clinical trials, it has been found to improve skin texture and quality. It may be too early to say that snail mucus is the ultimate anti-aging solution that scientists have been looking for years, but one thing is for sure that it has optimum potential. All the right ingredients seem to be there. Snail cosmetics might as well revolutionise the skin care industry.

    Removing Acne and Dark Spots

    It is difficult to digest the idea that snail mucus can remove acne and dark spots from your skin. Advances in science have made testing almost anything possible. It has been found that snail mucus does help in removing acne and dark spots.

    On the whole, snail cream is quickly attracting the attention of many scientists. The discovery of its positive effects is not new. Snail slime was used centuries ago by the Greeks. By incorporating modern methodology, scientists have found the beneficial ingredients. The time is not far when snail creams will become very common like other cosmetic creams. In fact, they have gained a lot of popularity and are set to capture the skin cosmetics market very soon.

    Would you like to try snail cream products for yourself and experience their many benefits?

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